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Nordfert fertilizers is a leading manufacturer of top-quality and innovative agricultural products. Our fertilizers are used in agriculture to promote healthy crop growth and produce high quality crops for customers.

We are specialized in the production of top quality water soluble chemical fertilizers covering all nutritional needs of every plant throughout the whole growing season.


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Kaur Kuurme

+372 55 32 111

We have been producing high quality foliar fertilizers for more than 25 years, operating many active factories Worldwide since 1991. Our activity extends all over the world into more than 30 countries.

We are looking for new distributors worldwide as we expand our operations and production. We can offer to our dealers strong marketing support, certified products with very high quality and competitive prices.

I invite you to become our reseller – let’s build a better future together!

Mr. Kaur Kuurme , CEO of Nodrfert Ltd.

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