Nordfert fertilizers factory is a flexible, fast and innovative partner.

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Main takeaways: how we produce fertilizers and what are the advantages of our products. You will learn, where is our factory and what are the stages of producing high quality fertilizers. Transcript available.

NordFert partners have been producing high quality foliar fertilizers for more than 25 year and we have been operating many active factories worldwide.

Since 1991 at the beginning of 2021 NordFert opened our newest factory in Estonia, Northern Europe

All of Nordfert’s fertilizing factory products are water soluble with verified quality and concentrations in powder liquid and suspension form

Nordfert’s advantage is flexibility and fast product development corresponding to our customers needs while staying active internationally by selling our products in various markets worldwide.

Our factory in estonia is environmentally friendly with all production waste being reused. Thanks to our partners we have direct access to raw material mines near the dead sea granting us secure access to verified supplies of the highest quality minerals without the need of any extra mediators.

The production of fertilizers in powder form takes place in four stages. First we prepare the components by crushing and milling them. Then we mix them into the right formula based on product specifications and package them according to need small packages for retail and large 25 kilo bags for large-scale agriculture.

The production of fertilizers in liquid and suspension form takes place in large mixers the components are prepared according to specific formulas and then combined in dedicated mixers using the proper speed temperature and duration.

We test all raw materials coming into production as well as our final product for the highest quality assurance and our own laboratory uses cutting edge technology.

The Nordfert laboratory continually develops and improves our products by involving our entire production team and a group of dedicated researchers. Our research and development team’s goal is to stay ahead of the curve by creating new innovative products as well as staying true to the demands and trends of the fertilizer market of today.

Since the beginning of 2021 the nord factory has certificates for the quality standards of ISO 9001 and of ISO 14001.

Nordfert fertilizers factory is a flexible, fast and innovative partner.