Special fertilizer formulations

Pourable and thick innovative compounds, which contain all elements in higher concentrations. Suspension fertilizers are very precise as they can consist of any nutrient combinations without decomposing to initial components.

Our SPECIAL FERTILIZER formulations will help farmers to greate effective blends. Improve soil quality by minimizing the need for chemical fertilizers. The demand for customized fertilizers is on the rise. Farmers are looking for new ways to get a competitive edge in their crop production, and many of them are turning to custom formulations as a way to achieve this goal. However, it’s important that any custom fertilizer formulation is matched with the right type of soil so that farmers can maximize its effectiveness. In order to create effective blends, it’s also necessary that you provide specific information about your soil composition and previous crops grown on your land because this will affect what nutrients need added most heavily.

Packing: 10 Kg
Recommended water amount: field crops – 150-300 L/ha,
greenhouses/garden – 150-300 L/ha.