Fertilizers that can be used for Strawberries

If you’re a strawberry farmer, our STRAWBERRY fertilizers are the right fertilizers for your plants. We help you to have a succesful harvest this year.

Strawberries are a great crop for the spring and summer months. Growers need to be sure they’re using fertilizers that can work in conjunction with strawberries’ needs. But many people don’t know the difference between fertilizers used for different types of plants or how to get their soil ready for planting.

If you’re a strawberry farmer, then you know how much hard work goes into growing this delicious berry. You also know how important it is to have the right fertilizer for your plants! One of the best fertilizers is an organic compost that includes aged animal manures as well as decomposed plant debris from various types of vegetation including hay, leaves or grass clippings among others

LIQUID Micro Nutrients

Nordfert- KSi44 fertilizer