Organic liquid fertilizer Nordfert Humicare – T

Organic liquid fertilizer Nordfert Humicare – T can be applied for treating all types of perennial and annual flowers, decorative plants, or lawns.

  • Enhances seed germination and sprouting, improves plant acclimatization on planting.
  • Facilitates growth and development of any crops, contributes into development of bright and saturat- ed coloration.
  • Contributes into development of extensive root system, improves the structure of soil.
    Mobilizes the immune system of the plant.
  • Enhances resistance to diseases and stresses as well as to frosts and drought.
  • Extends the plant flowering period and improves decorative qualities of floricultural crops, acceler- ates lawn growth after winter.
  • By increasing chlorophyll content in the leaves, prevents their yellow- ing.
  • Autumn application enhances winter hardiness of plants.
  • Non-toxic. Safe for humans, animals, bees.

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