What is soil improver?

what is soil improver

If you have a question: “What is soil improver?” then here is your answer : “A soil improver is a supplement which improves the condition of a soil by making it richer for plant life.” TURPS is a Generic Plant Growth Accelerator and Soil Improver. It is 100% environmentally safe, multi-purpose, non-toxic and fully biodegradable […]

What is nitrogen fertilizer?

what is nitrogen fertilizer

If you have a question: “What is nitrogen fertilizer?” then here is your answer : “Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the most common nordfert fertilizers.” Nitrogen makes up more than 78 percent of Earth’s atmosphere and is therefore considered to be a non-renewable natural resource. Without an alternative, we have no choice but to use […]

Where to buy fertilizers?

where to buy fertilizers

If you have a question: “Where to buy fertilizers?” then here is your answer : “You can find Nordfert fertilizers in our webshop.” Nordfert is a Estonian company with a range of quality organic fertilizers developed over the last half century. The products are sold to gardeners, farmers and other professionals around the world, as […]

What fertilizers are high in nitrogen?

what fertilizers are high in nitrogen

If you have a question: “What fertilizers are high in nitrogen?” then here is your answer: “High levels of nitrogen can be found in Nordfert fertilizers.” NORDFERT is a fertility booster that adds nitrogen to the rootzone and as a result limits the need for nitrogen in fertilizer applications. In recent trials, NORDFERT has shortened […]

Are fertilizers soluble in water?

Are fertilizers soluble in water

If you have a question: “Are fertilizers soluble in water?” then here is your answer : “Yes, fertilizers are soluble in water”. However, some brands are more soluble than others, so it’s important to read the label. Nordfert fertilizers are very soluble in water and they don’t leave any leftover fertilizer residue on the soil […]