What is nitrogen fertilizer?

what is nitrogen fertilizer

If you have a question: “What is nitrogen fertilizer?” then here is your answer : “Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the most common nordfert fertilizers.”

Nitrogen makes up more than 78 percent of Earth’s atmosphere and is therefore considered to be a non-renewable natural resource. Without an alternative, we have no choice but to use its finite resources for agriculture.

Nitrogen fertilizers are synthesized through the nitrogen cycle by converting atmospheric N2 gas into NH3 gas via hydrolysis with water, ammonia synthesis from N2 and H3PO4 (phosphoric acid), or chemical reduction of nitrates. Once synthesized it can be applied to soils for increased production in agriculture as well as golf courses for an attractive green color.

Nitrogen fertilizers is one of the most common fertilizer that we use nowadays. Fertilizer is like a food for plants, but nitrogen-based compound is usually the cheapest and most common of them all. The content in nitrogen fertilizers varies depending on what crops are grown, but generally rates around about 26% to 32%. Nitrogen-compound contains several subgroups including urea and ammonium nitrate. This type of fertilizer can only be used on nonlegume crops such as corn because legumed plants can not extract nitrogen by means of eating it from the soil as they would grow if there was no other source.

Nitrogen is a key nutrient that plants need to grow. Nitrogen fertilizers are one of the most common types used to produce nitrogen in order to help plants flourish and grow strong. Common plant-based nitrogen sources include ammonium nitrates, urea, tetra amines, and sodium nitrate or chloride. There are also “synthetic” sources that contain only a single type of nitrogen (such as monoammonium phosphate).

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What fertilizers are high in nitrogen?

If you have a question: “What fertilizers are high in nitrogen?” then here is your answer“High levels of nitrogen can be found in Nordfert fertilizers.” NORDFERT is a fertility booster that adds nitrogen to the rootzone and as a result limits the need for nitrogen in fertilizer applications.


Are fertilizers soluble in water?

If you have a question: “Are fertilizers soluble in water?” then here is your answer : “Yes, fertilizers are soluble in water”. However, some brands are more soluble than others, so it’s important to read the label. Nordfert fertilizers are very soluble in water and they don’t leave any leftover fertilizer residue on the soil when they’re diluted properly.


Where to buy fertilizers?

If you have a question: “Where to buy fertilizers?” then here is your answer : “You can find Nordfert fertilizers in our webshop.” Nordfert is a Estonian company with a range of quality organic fertilizers developed over the last half century.


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