Advantages of Nordfert fertilizers

1 kg of foliar applied fertilizer can have the same effect as 10-15 kg of fertilizer in soil!

  • Nordfert fertilizers are the most effective thanks to the ability to penetrate leaf surface.
  • The fastest way to supply essential nutrients.
  • Promote growth and boost yields.
  • Boost resistance to environmental stress (frost, drought, etc) and several plant diseases.
  • Support the efficiency of pesticides and gerbicides.
  • Reduce farmers’ costs.
  • Nutrients are absorbed by the whole plant.
  • Foliar absorbed nutrients are immediately available and supply necessary microelements to stem and roots.
  • Contain vital macro-, micro nutrients and growth key elements.
  • Various combinations and special formulations for different crops and growth stages.
  • Friendly for environment and plants.

Our Specialization

NORDFERT is specialized in the production of water soluble liquid, powder, suspension, and organic fertilizers.

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