Unveiling The Power of Humic Acid in Agriculture

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, humic acid emerges as a game-changer with a multitude of benefits. Derived from organic matter, humic acid offers a plethora of advantages for both soil and plants.

In the world of agriculture, the quest for maximizing crop yields and enhancing soil health is an ongoing endeavor. One remarkable ally in this mission is humic acid.

This natural substance, derived from organic matter, has gained significant attention in recent years for its numerous benefits in agriculture. 

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We have developed TURPS®  –  new generation organic humate fertilizer and soil improver. The main qualities of TURPS® are:

  • all the components of the fertilizer are organic and they are processed using our patented TURPS® process
  • TURPS ® is developed to fasten the plant root development after setting out and therefore asuure faster flowering and fruition as well the increase of the crops at least 20-40%
  • along the fertilizing effect TURPS® increases the soil fertility and enriches it with active organic substances
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Advantages of Nordfert fertilizers

1 kg of foliar applied fertilizer can have the same effect as 10-15 kg of fertilizer in soil!

  • Nordfert fertilizers are the most effective thanks to the ability to penetrate leaf surface.
  • The fastest way to supply essential nutrients.
  • Promote growth and boost yields.
  • Boost resistance to environmental stress (frost, drought, etc) and several plant diseases.
  • Support the efficiency of pesticides and gerbicides.
  • Reduce farmers’ costs.
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Effective way to improve crop productivity

  • Nutrients are absorbed by the whole plant.
  • Foliar absorbed nutrients are immediately available and supply necessary microelements to stem and roots.
  • Contain vital macro-, micro nutrients and growth key elements.
  • Various combinations and special formulations for different crops and growth stages.
  • Friendly for environment and plants.
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Our Specialization

NORDFERT is specialized in the production of water soluble liquid, powder, suspension, and organic fertilizers.

NordFert partners have been producing high quality foliar fertilizers for more than 25 years and have been operating many active factories Worldwide since 1991. At the beginning of 2021 NordFert opened our own newest factory in Northern Europe, in Estonia.

Our activity extends all over the world into more than 30 countries.

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become a reseller

Nordfert fertilizers are used in agriculture to promote healthy crop growth and produce high quality crops for customers.

We are currently looking for re-sellers to sell our products in your area. Send us an e-mail and let’s schedule a meeting right now.

We’d love to hear from you!

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We are here to help you with the questions you may have about our fertilizers.

Our fertilizers have been used by thousands of farmers across the country and we would like to share some of our most frequently asked questions with you.


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Nitrogen fertilizers is one of the most common fertilizer that we use nowadays. Fertilizer is like a food for plants, but nitrogen-based compound is usually the cheapest and most common of them all. The content in nitrogen fertilizers varies depending on what crops are grown, but generally rates around about 26% to 32%.


NORDFERT is a fertility booster that adds nitrogen to the rootzone and as a result limits the need for nitrogen in fertilizer applications. In recent trials, NORDFERT has shortened crop cycles, reduced irrigation needs by 30-40% and increased yields by 15-20%. 


“Yes, fertilizers are soluble in water”. However, some brands are more soluble than others, so it’s important to read the label. Nordfert fertilizers are very soluble in water and they don’t leave any leftover fertilizer residue on the soil when they’re diluted properly.


Nordfert is a Estonian company with a range of quality organic fertilizers developed over the last half century. The products are sold to gardeners, farmers and other professionals around the world, as well as being sold directly from our webshop. We have a wide range of fertilizers for flower and vegetable gardens, be it for lawns or industrial applications.


“A soil improver is a supplement which improves the condition of a soil by making it richer for plant life.”

TURPS is a Generic Plant Growth Accelerator and Soil Improver. It is 100% environmentally safe, multi-purpose, non-toxic and fully biodegradable rapidly increasing the growth rate of all types of plants by up to 300%. TURPS mixes with your soil, so no need for separate container planting.