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Humic Acid

nordfert humic acids

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, humic acid emerges as a game-changer with a multitude of benefits. Derived from organic matter, humic acid offers a plethora of advantages for both soil and plants.

Advantages of Nordfert fertilisers

nordfert nurseries fertilizers

Time to read: only 2 minutes. Main takeaways: how to give your harvest a boost by using Nordfert as a supplement and reduce farmers’ expenses with lower costs for time-consuming planting tasks. Your crops deserve the very best in fertilizer. Nordfert gives you superior results without any of the disadvantages, so your plants receive all […]

The use of Nordfert’s fertilizers is an effective way to improve crop productivity.

nordfert tomato fertilizer

Time to read: only 2 minutes Main takeaways: we offer you unique solutions based on cutting edge technologies which will help you grow healthier crops faster and easier. Foliar fertilization is an efficient way to supply nutrients directly into the plant. The use of foliar fertilizers is an effective way to improve crop productivity. Foliar […]

Nordfert fertilizers factory is a flexible, fast and innovative partner.

nordfert nurseries fertilizers

Video post: duration 2 minutes and 38 sec. Main takeaways: how we produce fertilizers and what are the advantages of our products. You will learn, where is our factory and what are the stages of producing high quality fertilizers. Transcript available. NordFert partners have been producing high quality foliar fertilizers for more than 25 year […]